Special Notes

1. The principal has full right to accept or refuse admission of any candidate.
2. The admission in each class is valid subject to submit full fee at the Fee Counter after admission.
3. Parents/ Gaurdians and the students are responsible if the admission is sought on false grounds.
4. Presence of parents is compulsary at the time of admission.
5. Attendance of all the students is compulsory as pre C.B.S.E. rules i.e. 75%.
6. Presence of gaurdians/ parents on Parents-Teacher Meet is compulsary.
7. Subjects offered at the time of admission will not be changed as per rules.
8. First aid and routine medicines are provided to students free of cost but for other than these, ailments all the expences of medicines will be borne by the parents.
9. A student may be expelled from the school due to irregular attendance and acts of gross indiscipline in the school.
10. The School reserves the right of amending the fee structures and amending the rules.
11. Parents are requested not send their wards suffering from any contagious or infectious disease.
12. Parents are requested to check up the school daily dairy.
13. Parents are requested not to givc Pupils are not allowed to wear their ward/s.
14. Pupils are not allowed to waer jewellery of any kind.
15. The Parents are allowed to come to the school only when requested or during visiting hours.
16. The Parents are requested not to give pocket money or valuable items to their ward/s.
Non Vegetarian food is strictly prohibited within the school premises.
17. All communications must be addressed to the Principal.
18. Leave for half-day should be avoided for security purposes.
19. Parents should not make criticism to a teacher/ school before the students.
20. Students are not allowed to leave the class room when the class is going on.
21. Using mobile in the school premises by the students is strictly prohibited.No Pupil will bring mobiie in the school campus.
22. Do not buy sweets or drinks etc. from sweet vendors.
23. The school uniform is compulsory.
24. The school fee is deposited at the fee counter only.
25. The children should be vaccinated against infectious disease.
26. Every New student has to submit the T.C. in original and an attested copy of Marksheet at the time Admission, failing which the Admission will be cancelled without refund of any fee.

"Keep cool and you command everybody." (St. Just.)