School Uniform

School Uniform

The following is the School uniform:
Summer Uniform

(For Boys)
1. Sky blues Half Pant ( from I to V) and Trousers ( VI onwards ) with White shirt .
(For Girls)
1. White frock for Girls ( from I to V) and salwar suits with Jacket (VI onwards) .
2. White P.T Shoes with white socks on during house & days only.
3. Black shoes with Sky Blue socks daily.
Winter Uniform

(For Boys):

Navy Blue Blazer, White shirt, Grey Trousers, Tie 7 Belt from class I To XII.
(For Girls):
i. White frock and a Navy Blue Blazer or pullover from Class I to V.
ii. Salwar Suits with jackets and Navy Blue Blazer class I To XII.
iii. Tie & Belt (Free from the school at the time of admission only)

Note:- House wise color T-shirts with lower (twice a week Wednesday & Saturday from Std class I To XII.)

1. School Uniform : From Nursery to UKG.
For Boys: Cream shirt and Half Pants (maroon colour check) with prescribed socks.
For Girls: prescribed Frock (maroon colour check) with prescribed socks.
2. House Dress: on Wednesday and Saturday (Class I to V) For Boys: Lower with house colour T-shirt and white canvas shoes with white socks

For Girls: House colour T-Shirt and skirt (from I to V), lower colour T-shirt (from VI onwards ) and white canvas shoes with white socks.