Aims & Objectives

“The whole purpose of Education is to turn mirrors into windows”.

• To provide curriculum compared to International standards of Teaching.
• To make each individual thoughtful and connect to one another.
• To achieve physical, human excellence .
• To transform an empty mind into open mind.
• To make each child stronger on both academic and co-curricular fronts to face the challenges.
• To prepare honest, truthful and conscious citizen of this world.
• To inculcate the best of traditional values in our students obedience
• To stimulates a spirit of leadership, entrepreneurship among the students. Devotion obedience, discipline patriotism and leadership through example
• To enhance potential of students by enriching the curricle with emphasis of human values.
• To emphasis on the four I’s (Inquisitiveness, Intelligence, Innovativeness & Inspiration).
• Service before self, loyalty ,commitment, allegiance dedication , faithfulness & fidelity.
• To improve the quality and value of human beings (irrespective of gender, caste and religion ) to promise quality life to one and all.
• To develop responsible citizen who care for their community and the country.
• To develop the child’s personality through Physical emotion, Intellectual and spiritual development.
• To involve parents in the life of the school through parents teacher meeting.
• To create Intellectuals.

Expectations: We expect from our students to be:- Sensitive Punctual Courteous Disciplined Helpful Proud of their school

“True Education is an insight the value based Education”
Founder’s Letter
“Education is the key to changing society”