As per CBSE Rules, Registration is made in class IX and Xl. Students and Parents are responsible for the registration with fee on due date, failing which the student will not be permitted to appear in Secondary/ Senior Secondary Board Exam. The school will also not be responsible if any student fails to submit registration form along with its fee with in the due date.

Board Examination statement is checked by Secondary and Senior Secondary students. They are responsible if they fail to sign the same with requisite Board fee along with the school fee within the due date.

Student are responsible for the correctness of all the entries in the statement of Board Exam. The school will not be responsible for any wrong entry made in, therefore students must check all the entries thoroughly and carefully before signing to it. The Board & School Fee must be submitted at the Fee counter only. The school Authorities will not be if Fee is submitted elsewhere.

Parents and students are responsible for any information relating to registration. Formative, summative, Board exams, (theory and practical both, the school will not inform students individually). It is the sole responsibility of the parents and the student to keep contact with the office for any information.